What is Cinos?

 Cinos, or Cinos Modnar, is the username I have decided to use online. You may notice that Cinos Modnar is Random Sonic backwards. That is precisely why I have chosen this name. It is based on one of my current projects, Random Sonic. This site is my attempt to create a collection of a few projects I have been working on, from random mIRC scripts to video games to music and other things.

My Projects:

Below is a list of projects I am currently working on or that I have worked on in the past.


GenesiSF (Formerly "The Ultimate Megadrive/Genesis Soundfont") - Makes boring MIDI files sound like music from the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive games you loved.
8BitSF (Formerly "The NES Soundfont") - Makes boring MIDI files sound like music from the NES games you loved.


Pam's Adventure: The New Adventure (AKA PATNA, PA:TNA) - This is pretty much the only original game I still work on. Everything in the game was original but the basic engine, which was heavily edited by me.


The Eighth Bit (External Site) - Music I produce and compose that tries to emulate the 8-bit styles of the NES as well as some other video games

Other Things

mIRC Scripts - Scripts that I have written over the years for the IRC client mIRC. Some of these may be useful, others might just be silly.
mtBNC (External Site) - mtBNC is an IRC bouncer service that I have run for quite a while on and off. It started as a BNC service only for users of ModnarTech IRC but has since grown to an all-network service.