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What is ModnarTech?

ModnarTech is a community of those with interest in electronics, especially computers and video games. ModnarTech is a community of computer/tech nuts and gamers. There is no requirement for being part of ModnarTech, but you should have a genuine interest in electronics and/or gaming.

The ModnarTech community is spread across a channel on an IRC network and a forum. Through the two, you can share your interest in technology with people who have similar interests. You can even collaborate on programming projects and release them too!


8-2-12: Merged with IotaIRC

ModnarTech IRC has merged with a larger network called IotaIRC. Now there will be more users, but ModnarTech has been moved to #ModnarTech , so join there if you are from the IRC network.

7-26-12: IPv6!

We have switched VPS providers in favor for a cheaper provider with more features. They include 25 IPv6 addresses, which are now available for both the BNCs and for the IRC server (

6-26-12: New site!

Since we now have a new server, I thought it was a good time to completely redesign the website. There is one new page: BNC. Also, the color scheme and images used are completely different. Hopefully this was a redesign for the better and not the worse.

6-20-12: ModnarTech is back!

After being gone for months, ModnarTech is now officially back 100%. I have started to rent a server as well as a real domain ( This server is much more stable than the original ModnarTech server, which was a home server running on a DSL connection. The IRC network is up and running, and now an extended forum is also running. Become part of the ModnarTech community today!

Made on 6/25/12 by Cinos Modnar, last updated 6/26/12